Review Of Beau Sejour's Financial Sustainability

A six month exercise will look at what Guernsey's leisure centre offers and how it can deliver value for money, which could mean outsourcing some functions.

Beau Sejour was opened in 1976. It is home to a number of sports, puts on plays and films and large community functions, like the Liberation Day Hangar Ball.

Financially, it often needs a grant from the CI Lottery to top up its annual budget.

The Education Sport and Culture Committee review will look at what the centre's purpose is, how viable it is and how it can deliver value for money.

The committee says it will investigate charges, subsidies, alternative funding and the impact of outsourcing on service provision to get the best value for the States.

Deputy Andrea Dudley-Owen says an exercise like this is important:

"We need to collectively decide what role we want Beau Sejour to play for our community, and then decide how to financially ensure it can deliver. The Centre has been subject to periodic review as the purpose has changed over the decades and it is important that we continue this practice."

The review will take up to six months.

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