Diversity & Equal Opportunities

This is the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy of Tindle Radio, its stations and their legal successors.

We believe that Diversity and Inclusion should be incorporated in everything we do. This is a summary of what we’re doing as a business to support all our people.

Several commitments have been made to ensure that we are all contributing to making Tindle an even more inclusive place to work. They are as follows:

1. Measuring diversity in our hiring

In 2021, we rolled out a new process around recruitment to track the diversity of applicants for roles to enable us to ensure a representative pool of candidates is considered and to also track progress on becoming a workforce more reflective of the communities we engage with through our audio, print and digital products and consumer events. All recruitment will follow this new process.

2. Improving our identification of talent from ethnic minority communities

We have introduced tailored hiring manager guidance and support to ensure that they are best positioned to identify the best most diverse talent. Our recruitment teams are empowered to challenge hiring managers to explore new sources of talent and to ensure that all applicants have an equally positive experience.

3. Improving our identification of talent from minority communities

We have signed the Social Mobility Pledge, which provides a framework for outreach to unprivileged communities and seeks to provide access and recruitment opportunities to boost social mobility.

4. Supporting schemes that increase the diversity of talent for media

We have renewed our support and funding for schemes that specialise in training under-represented individuals, including becoming a patron of the Radio Academy.

5. Upholding our Code of Conduct

Our Company Handbook, which all employees are obligated to sign on joining and are available on BrightHR, states that we stand by a culture in which diversity is supported, where opportunities are open to all, and where people treat each other with respect and expect to get the same in return. All colleagues are encouraged to speak up or call it out if a colleague is not living up to these standards.

6. Protecting our mental health

We will continue to offer support and guidance around mental health and wellbeing for all our people and line managers. Through our company healthcare provider, Vitality, useful resources are available to all colleagues and all our people have access to a 24-hour Employee Assistance Programme through Vitality.

7. Standing in solidarity with external movements

We will continue to use the power of our brands to support causes which reflect our values - such as Channel Islands Pride.

We may update this policy from time to time, so please review it regularly. If you have any questions about this policy or the information which we hold, please contact us at: compliance@tindleradio.com or write to us at:

Tindle Radio
15 Britannia Place
Bath Street
St Helier

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