Bid To Reinstate Senators Knocked Back

The most recent call to reintroduce senators to the States Assembly has been rejected.

Deputy Moz Scott brought the second vote in 10 months following the narrow defeat of Deputy Ian Gorst's attempt to bring back the island-wide mandate in January.

Deputy Scott had originally called for a referendum but later decided taking islanders to the polls would create 'technical difficulties' and a States vote would still be needed.

Deputy Lyndon Farnham's amendment was also defeated.

He'd proposed removing one deputy seat from each of the nine constituencies and replacing them with nine senators.

Politicians in favour of bringing back the role told the chamber that islanders had told them on the doorsteps during their election canvassing that they wanted senators to make up part of the Assembly.

Others opposed to their return argued that the current system has created the most diverse set of politicians.

Deputy Scott's proposition was defeated by 30 votes to 14.

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