Gov Gives Away Timber From Fallen Trees

Credit: Government of Jersey

Jersey's government is giving away timber from fallen trees, brought down by Storm Ciarán.

It is inviting islanders to register to collect wood from La Collette.

The recycling facility received an enormous amount of green waste following Storm Ciarán.

The material has now been separated, and the trunks and large branches are being made available for free, with donations to charity encouraged.

A post on the government's social media page says the timber will be 0.5 to 4 metres in length, and 0.3 to 1.8 metres in diameter.

Vehicles will be loaded by Infrastructure and Environment's Solid Waste team.  

It won't be possible to select particular types or sizes of timber.

Hundreds of islanders have reacted to the offer already:

"that is a great way of raising money for charities plus make good use of fallen timber well done to those that thought of this,👍👍👍👍"

"Well done. Great idea."

"I'm glad to see that. Ideally some it should be ring fenced for vulnerable people to use for fuel."

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