Website launched to explain Guernsey's 'unique' government to potential politicians

Ahead of the 2025 election, a new States website goes live to explain the roles and responsibilities of deputies.

The President of the States Assembly and Constitution Committee, Deputy Carl Meerveld, says he's 'very pleased' that the website for the June 2025 General Election is now live.

It explains how Guernsey's government works, how to run for election and what the role requires.

Deputy Meerveld says it's important to have this information readily available to increase the quality and confidence of candidates:

"I think in every election you have people who fancy being a deputy and get elected without properly understanding the commitments required.

It is not good for the candidate when they find they have made a four-year commitment to something that they haven't anticipated, and it is not good for the electorate because they may not get the most effective person representing them."

He says the guidance is important because Guernsey politicians are 'uniquely unsupported'.

"In a system where you have political parties, as most countries do, the party would recruit candidates, it would train them up, and it would support them once they are elected.

In our consensus government, and without effective, well-established parties, we don't have that support network.

So it is on our beholden on the government, the States of Guernsey, to do things like this initiative to help support people come into government.

At the end of the day, we all want the most effective government as possible."

Deputy Meerveld hopes the clarity of the application process could also attract new candidates and create a more diverse Assembly.

"You do not want a government made up of business executives like me.

I want to see people with disabilities, different genders - a full mix of all our society represented so that when an issue is presented to the States and a decision has to be made, every section of our community feels that they have a voice in there that is speaking from their perspective."

The public are also invited to two informal gatherings this month to talk to current States Members about their role in the community.

They will take place on 16 April from 5pm at Beau Sejour and 20 April from 10am at St James' café.

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