Guernsey doctors will stop prescribing pain relief plasters

Health and Social Care is asking Guernsey doctors to stop prescribing 'expensive' lidocaine plasters.

While evaluating the use of medicines available at public expense, Health and Social Care have highlighted lidocaine plasters - which are applied to the skin to relieve nerve pain.

The Committee says more than £100,000 was spent on the plasters in the last 12 months, with each prescription costing around £80.

Chief Pharmacist Teena Bhogal says there cheaper and more effective options:

"The evidence supporting the use of lidocaine plasters for nerve pain is limited, and they are relatively expensive compared to other pain treatments, making them less cost-effective.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence does not recommend lidocaine plasters for nerve pain due to insufficient evidence.

Additionally, there is no strong evidence that they are effective for other types of pain."

HSC says the savings made following this change will be reallocated to fund a 'significant number of new treatments'.

Lidocaine plasters are still available privately for those willing to self-fund.

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